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About Me

I continue to press on, producing a number of works for a variety of publications. I maintain four blogs, edit a number of manuscripts, write for Prince William Living magazine, a color monthly, and keep on turning out books for the Beyond the Blue Horizon series. Book Five, On the Wings of Faith, is complete, as is Book Six, On the Wings of Midday. addition, this summer I plan to expand and rework both Mata’s Story, in which Otto’s sister gives her version of events in their lives, and Diamond Duty, a Civil War baseball novel.

My wife Becky continues to be a musical force in Northern Virginia, directing a total of five choirs, teaching and leading music in various capacities throughout the state. Older daughter Amy has worked her magic teaching fourth graders at Signal Hill Elementary School for sixteen years, while younger daughter Alyssa styles herself “the HR Lady” at TML, a Xerox Company in Manassas where she recently became a vice president. Amy and Alyssa both married men named Chris: Chris Brown sets up aerospace conferences, while Chris McGee works at Fenwick Library on the campus of George Mason University. Chris 2.0, as we call him, recently earned his Masters in Information Science. Nacho the Writer’s Cat keeps doing what she does best—eating, sleeping and providing companionship for a writer who otherwise would spend lonely hours crafting these stories.

I want to thank all the fans of the Beyond the Blue Horizon series for your enthusiastic support for the writing produced by the one man show that is Biscuit City Enterprises. Without readers there would be no writers, so thanks to all for being readers!

I was honored by the "Best of Prince William" poll of readers taken by Prince William Today newspaper which named me "Best Writer in Prince William County (Virginia)" for 2014 AND 2015.

I also run my own writing and editing business, Biscuit City Enterprises, 8705 Barnett Street, Manassas VA 20110, 703-475-1441.

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